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Lakeside Lil Lifter

750lb and 1,000lb Capacity Dock Mounted Jet Ski Lift

These lifts provide fast, safe and convenient moorage for high performance jet boats and PWC's. Simply guide your small craft onto the two carpeted bunks and use the wheel's speed knob to quickly lift the boat out of harm's way. Protects your investment and enhances performance by keeping the hull clean and free of lake scum.

These lifts provide 750 and 1,000 pounds of level lifting capacity in both 5 and 7 feet of travel. Don't want to spin the wheel? Lil Lifters come with the option to be AC powered. Just a flip of the switch and your craft is up and out of the water.

A 1200-pound rated, zinc plated, self-braking winch is standard. The built-in brake clutch means it winches downward like a trailer winch. An enclosed housing around the winch protects little hands and fingers.

To determine which model will fit your dock, simply measure from your dock's surface down to the surface of the water (make sure allow for tides or fluctuation). Add 13 inches to that measurement (this allows for the lift to submerge to float your craft).

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